About The DNA of Dance

Owner and Artistic Director, Poppy Dinse and her long time partner David Kopsel

Owner and Artistic Director, Poppy Dinse and her long time partner David Kopsel

Founded in 2004, The D.N.A. of Dance is proud of the accomplishments of its students and of its professional and artistic staff. Poppy Dinse, Artistic Director, is a former principle dancer and soloist with North Coast Ballet Theatre and Cleveland Civic Ballet Company.

The school’s mission is to train dancers in a creative atmosphere that will combine strong technical skills with the joy of dance. The DNA of Dance offers classes with a solid base of technical training in Classical Ballet / Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop & Breaking, Tap, Lyrical ~ Modern Contemporary and more.

Today’s world of dance is giant in its demands and our faculty shares not only their technical knowledge of their art through their vast experiences, they share their abounding passion for their art not only with, but through the individual and collective success of our students.

For the serious student of dance, our staff is not only ready to be their technical support system, our staff is there to help guide them through the ups and downs that one will naturally experience while learning to accomplish an art form as demanding as dance.

Likewise, for the student to who approaches dance as a healthy recreational activity rather than a career choice, our staff is there to offer not only their technical support, (so that they remain healthy long after their dancing years cease) they offer as the ultimate reward, their appreciation of the simple joy these students feel while dancing.

As with life, dance is continually evolving. At The DNA of Dance, our instructors work with students in a nurturing and progressive way. However, our staff refrains from the highly commercialized style of dance and studio atmosphere. Our students have one foot secured by the traditional approaches to dance and the other foot liberated for the contemporary expressions of today’s dance arts.

We would like to invite you to enjoy our web site and learn more about the accomplishments of our students that we hold as the name sakes of our success. We have flavored our site with “performance” pictures of our dancers and students at competitions and shows. It is our hope that these pictures will speak for themselves…That DNA is a small studio… that is obviously big on Dance!


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